A great day out for locals and visitors alike

Kieron took four of us (two couples) on the half-day Columbia Gorge waterfalls and wine tasting tour yesterday. We had the best time! Since we all live in Portland, and two of us are Portland natives, he was careful to make sure he didn't just tell us things we already knew. In fact, we all learned new things -- historical, geological, botanical... Plus one of the waterfalls we stopped at was a new one to some of us. It was gorgeous. Even though we know a lot about the Portland area and the Gorge there's always more to learn. Kieron was knowledgeable and professional. He really took good care of us and made sure we had a great day.

Great Nike admin day with Kieron

Kieron was wonderful, gave us interesting facts on the drive, brought tasty treats for us to enjoy, and made the whole day very fun.

Better than the reviews

Our tour guide was Kieron, a knowledgeable, well spoken and easy going guide. We visited 2 wineries and multiple falls. The old highway afforded the gorgeous views and the stop at Vista House and what I think was Crown Point were amazing for a picture nut like myself. The wineries were both beautiful, but I much preferred the atmosphere at Wy'east. Cathedral Ridge had a better view. Kieron was amazing since one of the guests in our party was doing their best to be obnoxious and he handled it well. I can't believe I subjected the poor man to that. He was a true professional and managed a possibly horrible situation for the rest of the party with grace.

Highest ratings!

Our Portland guides Kieron and Kapper were quite knowledgeable and somewhat tailored our day to our group's interests and energy level. We were thrilled that we were able to do as much walking around/hiking as we did, given that the destinations required a lot of driving, and felt that we learned a tremendous amount about the history, geology, and ecology of the area.

Great once in a lifetime snowshoe adventure at Mt. Hood

Snow shoing was easy and fun! Kieron was an amazing guide, showing us various tree types along the way.

Great transportation

Our tour was to Mt St. Helen and the Ape Caves. It was a nice trip. Kieron picked us up from our hotel and we headed out to Mt. St. Helens. It is true what everybody told me you really don't understand how much the area changed after the blast until you go to the visitors station.

Escorted tour to Mt. St. Helens and the Ape caves

Our tour guide, Kieron, did a very good job of touring us to Mt. St. Helens. The scheduling for pickup at our hotel in Vancouver, WA was excellent and on time and the trip was pleasant.


The Columbia Gorge, Wine & Waterfalls tour was fantastic! The Escape Guide (Kieron) was well informed, and the trip was both educational and FUN.

Excellent tour!

We had a wonderful private tour through the Columbia River Gorge, the waterfalls and several wineries with Kieron. He was not only extremely charming and polite, but he was also very knowledgeable about the area. He knew a great deal about the area and shared information on everything from geological formations to wild berries and plants to history to good wines!

Loads of interesting information and beautiful scenery!!!

The guide on this trip was more than knowledgeable. Kieron knew something about EVERYTHING! And being a biologist myself I could tell he really knew his stuff... no BS.

Wonderful outdoor fun featuring Oregon

This is just a short note to let you know how impressed my friend Judy and I were with the outing we had with your company on March 5. We each discovered that we were not physically fit enough to do the trip justice. We could not keep up with the others in the group and were feeling distressed that we were slowing everyone down. However, our guide for this trip, Kieron Weidner, soon figured out a way to keep the two of us moving safely while the rest of the group scampered off at a more appropriate (for them) speed. This made Judy and me feel much better, and we greatly enjoyed being outdoors, enjoying the gorgeous scenery, and getting a bit of exercise. Kieron stuck with us, even when the rest of the group zipped to the finish line and were in the lodge enjoying hot chocolate! We finally managed to get ourselves back to the lodge, with much help and encouragement from Kieron, and agreed that it had been a lovely day. We won't attempt a similar trip again, but if you ever get a geriatric snowshoers trip together, we'd love to try it! Actually, the real purpose of this note is to say how wonderfully well Kieron Weidner handled this difficult situation. He was so positive, no matter the situation our physical inabilities caused him to have to deal with. He was never negative or exasperated but just kept encouraging and helping us. Had I been in his shoes, I doubt that I could have stayed so positive and helpful as he quite genuinely was. We both appreciated him so much. If Kieron is representative of your company, you are surely a wonderful bunch! Sincerely, Jean Hunter.

A true North-Western experience - highly recommended

My guide, Kieron was excellent. Apart from taking me to see some great sights and finding others on the spot when some of the trails and museums were unexpectedly closed he was also a great company and made me feel much more like a friend than a customer - not something you usually get on guided tours. He constantly pointed out the interesting different wildlife and natural habitat we saw along the way and was full of knowledge regarding anything from plant and fish taxonomy, northwestern American history, geology and useful Portland travelling tips. We also did not go hungry and had plenty of great food to eat.

Best part of my trip to Seattle

My guide Kieron was absolutely amazing. I specifically admired his commitment to sustainable tourism and experience in this area. I was only in Seattle for a few days and was able to get around without a car just fine thanks to these guys. After spending a full day sightseeing in town I booked a trip to Mt. Rainier for a full day excursion. Kieron was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable about the city, history, fauna and everything on the mountain. The weather was absolutely perfect for our trip and we certainly made the most out of our day on the mountain. The sights from Mt. Rainier are completely breathtaking and absolutely incredible. This trip is definitely well worth your time and money. I would easily say this is the #1 thing to do when visiting Seattle.

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