Day Trips from Eugene, OR While Visiting for the World Athletic Championships

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Oregon is happy to have you visiting for the World Athletic Championships! While we know the games will keep you busy, it’s an amazing opportunity to see the gorgeous Cascade mountain range while also a few hours from sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Here are 10 great options to see from Eugene, OR that are all a quick day trip away. 

10 Day Trips from Eugene, OR

  1. Belknap Hotsprings Lodge and Garden 

    1. An hour drive away from Eugene, known for its mineral pool and beautiful gardens, popular for its healing benefits, and Instagram famous as the “Secret Garden”. 
    2. There are many hot springs in the area, check out Travel Lane Counties guide to the area’s hot springs. 
  2. Salem, OR

    The capital of Oregon and a quick one-hour drive from Eugene, Salem has a ton to offer! If you’d like to put together a custom tour, that’s what we do best, send us an email at

  3. Sand Dunes

    Head over to the Oregon coast and go sandboarding! While you are there make sure to try some local crab and oysters! 

  4. Aurora, OR

    Home to a communal colony founded in 1895, visitors can see the original buildings, take a tour and learn about some of the unique groups that make Oregon a little different! Don’t miss the 

  5. Water Sports

    Being on the Willamette River makes for the perfect time to get out and enjoy nature. If water is your thing we recommend going river rafting or kayaking, different spots on the river allow you to enjoy both! We have a rafting and mountain bike regenerative tour that lets you take advantage of adventure in the area! 

  6. Cycling

    Oregon is cyclist friendly and there are many trails and paths just to enjoy the scenery while on bike. Take a half day and ride through small towns, next to the river bank, and stopping when the view is just too good. 

  7. Covered Bridge Tour

    Looking for a more romantic view? Oregon is home to many covered bridges and this tour is accessible by bike or car! Cottage Grove, just 20 minutes from Eugene is home to 6 bridges. Add a trip to Wildwood Falls to see a waterfall and get back into nature. 

  8. Silver Falls State Park

    Home to 10 waterfalls and a moderate loop trail, this is a great way to get out of the city and head into nature! 

  9. Drift Creek Falls

    In the direction of the Oregon Coast, this is a beginner hike with a suspension bridge overlooking the falls! 

  10. Springfield, OR  

    Love the Simpsons? Head over to Springfield to find the similarities between Matt Groening’s fictional Springfield and the town it’s based on!

Need help deciding what to do or how to make the most of our trip to Oregon for the World Athletic Championships? Please reach out to and we can help organize tours and day trips for you and your group! We are also offering shuttles and private transportation by the day to and from the championships.