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About Us

First Nature is a tour operator based in Portland, Oregon that provides professional guide services for Private Tours of the Pacific Northwest as well as small group trips to several international destinations. We can be your personal concierge in curating a custom adventure that combines beautiful destinations, adrenaline-filled activities, luxury accommodations, and almost anything you can think of to create a one-of-a-kind experience!

We value our guests and our planet - ensuring that each tour is meeting global standards for sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Our expedition team is composed of experts in sustainability, ecology, history, and climate science so that your luxury experience is full of learning and adventure.

First Nature is the perfect travel planner for intrepid travelers looking for everything from VIP private tours and small group expeditions to meaningful and results-driven corporate team building events in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

About the Founder

A born naturalist, Kieron’s fascination with the natural world has led him from a childhood exploring rural Wisconsin to college study abroad trips to Costa Rica and Europe and eventually a career in Restoration Ecology. Since he began working in tourism in 2007 Kieron has been helping visitors to Portland, Seattle, Central and South America fill their trips with memorable experiences and outright adventure. His tourism career includes work for some of the top luxury travel companies in the world, such as Cruise West, Adventures by Disney and EverGreen Escapes. His experience leading groups through all corners of the Pacific Northwest have made him one of the most recognized guides in the region. On a private tour of Cascadia with Kieron you will get more than just an education, you’ll rediscover the sense of wonder that many lose with the onset of adulthood. For Kieron guiding is more than a career, it’s a passion, and nothing makes him happier than providing people with new ideas, new adventures, and new life experiences.

Why Us


Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. From the very beginning, First Nature has been connecting travelers with nature in ways that foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world. We use our platform as “experience curators” to educate and inspire our guests thereby creating positive change on our planet. The design process for travel experiences is guided by our strong commitment to sustainability and our professional guides are trained to carry on this mission in the field. Our initiatives include finding alternatives to single-use plastics, investing in more sustainable transportation, and working with partners who align with our sustainability principles. First Nature is an equal opportunity employer that encourages workplace diversity and donates to organizations that promote social justice and education. First Nature uses products that are fair-trade, local and organic whenever possible.

In 2021, we started our regenerative tourism program with help from Travel Oregon and Willamette Valley Visitors Association. At First Nature we understand that meaningful travel is dependent on the wellbeing of the communities and environments where we operate. We have created a series of Regenerative Travel Projects which allow us to protect and build back the places we visit by engaging with local nonprofits in fun and impactful stewardship activities.

Tours with First Nature foster a learning atmosphere, and we now offer tours curated to lifelong learning in fields such as climate impacts and resiliency, restoration ecology, and history.

In 2022 we continued adding experts to our team focused on sustainability and climate change. Though we have always worked with sustainability at the forefront, we are now developing clear policies and communication to be fully transparent for our guests, partners, and communities. We follow the principles of UNWTO sustainable travel and of Transformational Travel Allies. We are committed to positive change for people, place, and the planet.


We are working hard to make a difference in the travel industry. We believe it is our obligation to use our platform as a means to help our Earth survive so that future generations of all species can thrive. We firmly believe in the power of Nature, and when combined with sustainable tourism Nature is not only a place of adventure and wonder but a place of healing and learning for guides, guests, and all communities. First Nature affirms that through immersive, experiential education, guests develop a sense of stewardship of a destination.

Expert Design Team

Kieron Wilde


Kieron Wilde is a born naturalist with a fascination with the natural world that led him to a career in Ecology, Education and eventually Sustainable Tourism. Since 2007, Kieron has been helping travelers create memorable experiences in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Latin America.

Elena Vizzini

Lead Experience Curator

Elena Vizzini is an Experience Curator with First Nature Tours and often your first contact for booking tours. In addition to being an Oregon native, Elena has also lived abroad in Europe and pursued academic studies in International Tourism Management. She brings a wealth of knowledge of the Pacific Northwest from building lasting connections with regional tourism partners during her time with the state tourism board, Travel Oregon.

Camron Wilde

Chief Marketing Officer

Camron Wilde is the Brand Manager for First Nature and brings twenty years of industry experience to the team. Mr. Wilde is responsible for First Nature’s brand strategy, which translates to growth, reputation, and culture development. Mr. Wilde consults on recruiting and planning teams, training new expedition leaders and facilitators, and managing the creative team in charge of art direction, public relations, and media strategy.

Megan Kelly

Marketing & Sustainability Coordinator

Megan is a world traveler having lived in multiple countries and visiting more as a former flight attendant. She graduated with her MSc in International Sustainable Tourism where her research focuses on the use of social media and sustainability in tourism. Megan works on our social media and marketing team and sustainability communications.

Expert Expedition Leaders

Benjamin Burtis


Ben always had an incredible affinity for outdoor adventures, & more so for creating such experiences from scratch to share with others. Ben has spent his career crafting meaningful experiences in the Adventure Travel and Outdoor Education industries; a pursuit that has taken him to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the ruins of Machu Picchu, the backcountry of Yellowstone NP, and now the beautiful nature of the PNW!

Chris Larson


From an early age Chris developed a deep love for and knowledge of Nature and outdoor skills by spending summers at a fishing cabin in the woods and lakes of northern Ontario Canada, and in the high Sierra mountains of California. Chris has a degree in cultural anthropology and has led sports and walking tours of major cities throughout Scandinavia, the U.K., Northern Europe, and the U.S..

Dylan Gaar


At a young age, I discovered a powerful connection to the natural world. My youth revolved around exploring the iconic woods, mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest. As I grew, I realized the vital role that nature plays in my wellbeing. I decided to dedicate my life to the natural world and to helping others explore and care for it.

Dan Moore

Guide and Tourism Consultant

Dan has over 15 years experience as an outdoor educator, professional adventure guide, and high-level facilitator for retreats, meetings, and teambuilding programs. He takes great care to help create a meaningful and lasting visit.

Irene Squizzato


Originally from northern Italy, Irene has now been calling Portland home for the last 5 years. She has worked for a PR agency doing strategic communications and branding for the beverage industry – building long-lasting relationships with vendors throughout the country.

Devin Kelly


Devin Kelly is a fourth generation Oregonian and has shared a passion for adventure and the outdoors since childhood. After living in Costa Rica in 2002, he moved back to Oregon and spent 4 years as lead guide for Extreme Adventures.

Daniel Wild


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Daniel Wild has 14 years of experience in hospitality working in restaurants, wineries and a myriad of customer service roles, as well as a vast knowledge of Pacific Northwest wine/viticulture and passion for the outdoors.

Eliot Headley


Growing up in Lake Tahoe, CA, Eliot Headley has enjoyed exploring and learning in the outdoors from a young age. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and Biology from UC Santa Cruz, he continues to seek an understanding of the intersections of biodiversity, sustainability, and tourism.

Expert Facilitators

Caitlin Hudson

Running Coach, Fitness Trainer

Caitlin Hudson is the founder and head coach at Tend Athletics, a holistic fitness, health, and life coaching business based in Portland and working with clients across the US.

Teela Foxworth

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Specialist

Background:Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Teela Foxworth is a dedicated member and leader in her community. Foxworth has spent a decade in higher education, teaching over 2,000 students in Communication and Racial Studies.

Jason French

Chef, Entrepreneur, Health Coach

Jason French is a chef, husband, father, entrepreneur and outdoorsman. A former endurance athlete, he’s developed a culinary program to help clients tap into their unique needs and create satisfying, delicious meal plans.

Rebecca Sunshine

Yoga Instructor, Corporate Wellness Specialist

Rebecca Sunshine MSc, RYT-500, is a Vancouver-based yoga teacher, dance teacher, and mindfulness consultant. Her playful and uplifting approach incorporates her decade-long career in start-ups with her extensive study of movement to empower people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Although the Pacific Northwest has a mild climate, temperatures and conditions can change quickly. Layers are key! Please check the weather conditions on the day prior to your tour so you can dress accordingly. If your itinerary includes hiking, we recommend closed-toe trainers, hiking shoes, or light boots. A light-weight waterproof jacket and sunglasses are always good to have in any season. In winter, bring extra non-cotton layers and consider a second pair of socks in case your feet get wet.

We provide umbrellas in case of heavy rain. Don’t forget your cell phone, ID, and any necessary medications.

Can I be picked up at my hotel?

Yes, we offer complimentary pick-up and drop-off wherever you’re staying in downtown Seattle, WA or Portland, OR. That includes hotels, vacation rentals and private homes providing there is access for our vehicles.

What is included in my private tour?

The following are standard inclusions on all our tours:

  • Custom Itinerary Design
  • Professional Guide
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Snacks and Waters
  • Entrance Fees
  • Necessary Gear and Equipment (fly fishing gear, snowshoes, kayaks, wet suits etc.)
  • Some of our tour packages have special activities not listed above. You can arrange to have things like lunch and wine tasting fees added on to any booking. Just let us know in advance what you would like to include.
  • Please let us know if there is anything you have forgotten and we will do our best to supply it!

Can I cancel or change my booking?

We will do our best to accommodate all circumstances. Please review our cancellation policy found here on our website http://www.portlandtourguides.com/privatetoursoforegon We recommend travel insurance for all our guests. If you have additional questions, please give us a call!

Should I tip my guide?

In the United States, tipping is a standard across the service industry. That said, we compensate our guides better than most tour operators and although gratuity is always appreciated, it is never expected. If you would like a guideline for tipping a tour guide specifically, 10% of your ticket price is a common standard.

*Please advise us if you have any food restrictions, allergies or requests. We can accommodate a wide variety of needs when given enough notice.

Tour Vehicles

Local Partners

We intentionally partner with industry professionals that share our philosophies. The following local business partners have been carefully chosen for their excellent customer service, equal opportunities, and sustainable business practices.

First Nature aims to educate and entertain the intrepid traveler by exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest through sustainable tourism. We encourage our guests to visit the naturally and culturally unique places that make the Pacific Northwest so special. Our foundation is built on increasing knowledge, appreciation, and understanding of the world around us.