At a colossal 14,400ft (4,390 meters) Mt. Rainier is the largest peak in the Cascade Range. Its majestic peak is encased in more than 35 square miles of snow and ice, and surrounded by old-growth forests, alpine meadows, lakes, and waterfalls. Experience a private tour of this amazing National Park with an expert naturalist tour guide on a Mt. Rainier tour from either Portland or Seattle. Your guide will reveal the natural and cultural history of Mt. Rainier as you wind through the Park to the Paradise area (weather-permitting), and embark on a scenic hike or snowshoe (depending on the season). Learn about the geology behind this active volcano, watch for elk, bears, and other wildlife, and take in stunning mountain views and moments of solitude.
On East side of the Mountain a short hike into the Grove of the Patriarchs leads to some of the oldest and largest trees in Pacific Northwest, and sitting at an elevation of 6,400-feet in the parkland meadows of Yakima Park, Sunrise is Mount Rainier’s highest visitor center, offering close-up views of the massive Emmons Glacier above hundreds of acres of meadows bursting with wildflowers. Sunrise rivals the more popular Paradise when it comes to scenic splendor and like it’s name implies, it’s one of the first places in the park to capture morning’s early light.


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