G-WHIZ 9’4″


This is the perfect choice for paddlers who want a crossover board that is agile enough to drop in and carve small to medium size waves with ease but is also stable and buoyant enough to serve well as a flat water board. If you’re a casual SUP surfer, you’ll love the G-Whiz’s stability as you paddle out through the break and catch your first small inside waves; if you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll love how quickly you can generate speed and momentum to paddle into waves, and how agile the G-Whiz handles as you make top and bottom turns.

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Package Includes:

GWhiz 9’4 SUP, Cockpit-length EVA pad, vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure, multiple leash attachment points and three FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins).

Product Weight – approx. 24 lbs Suggested Max Weight – 190 lbs or less





Board size:The G-Whiz is offered in 9’ and 9’4” lengths. The 9’4 is an inch wider, half an inch thicker and has about 40 liters more volume. Smaller, lighter or more experienced paddlers will benefit from the maneuverability of the shorter size, while larger, heavier or less experienced paddlers will benefit from the larger size’s added stability and buoyancy. Paddlers who frequent flat water more than surf may want to choose the longer option regardless of their size or weight.

Board shape: The G-Whiz features a unique bottom profile that progresses from flat underfoot to an aggressive V-spine and a snappy three-fin setup in the back. It also features Slingshot’s Variable Tucked Hard Rail profile. These characteristics result in great tracking in open water and responsive turning when carving waves at speed, nailing bottom turns and transitioning from rail to rail in the surf.

Board construction: The G-Whiz is built with a proprietary Wood Veneer Sandwich Construction, which controls durability and flex and creates a light and impact resistant board. It comes equipped with a full cockpit-length EVA pad for traction, a vent plug to manually equalize internal pressure due to heat and atmospheric pressure changes and three FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins).


  • Perfect surf/open-water crossover board
  • Catch more waves, spend less time in the water with a wide, stable shape
  • Great tracking and turning with V-spine bottom, three-fin configuration
  • Light weight construction means less yank when you crash in the waves
  • Short, wide and stable- great for all-around performance