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First Nature is a full-service Destination Management Company (DMC) on the West Coast. We provide a wide range of services to assist clients with their event planning and travel needs in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, California and beyond. Our team plays a crucial role in coordinating and executing successful events, meetings, and incentive programs. 

We utilize our network of trusted partners all across the region to curate the best experiences, accommodations, and guide services the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

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Focus Areas

Destination Expertise

As a DMC on the west coast, we have in-depth knowledge of the region, including its attractions, cultural highlights, local customs, and logistics. We can offer insights and recommendations to help clients make informed decisions.
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Customized Itineraries

We create tailored itineraries for clients, incorporating their specific requirements and preferences. This can include suggestions for dining, sightseeing, team-building activities, and local experiences.

Activities & Excursions

We offer a wide range of activities and excursions to showcase the region’s attractions. This includes guided tours, team-building activities, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, entertainment options and more.

Event Planning & Management

We assist clients in planning and managing various types of events, such as conferences, corporate meetings, trade shows, and incentive trips. This includes venue selection, logistics, budgeting, scheduling, and on-site coordination.

Transportation & Logisitics

We arrange transportation services for clients, including airport transfers, ground transportation, and shuttle services.

Accommodation & Venue Selection

We help clients find suitable accommodations and venues for their events, considering factors like capacity, location, amenities, and budget. This involves negotiating contracts with hotels, resorts, conference centers, or unique event spaces.

Entertainment & Production

We coordinate entertainment and production services, such as hiring performers, speakers, or MCs for events. Additionally, we arrange for audiovisual equipment, lighting, sound systems, and stage production.

Vendor & Supplier Organization

We have established relationships with local vendors and suppliers, allowing you to source and manage various services required for events. This includes catering, event rentals, photographers, florists, printing services, and more.

On-Site Support & Staffing

During events, we provide on-site support to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes having a team of experienced staff members available to handle registration, guest assistance, coordination, and troubleshooting.

Budget Management

We assist clients in creating and managing their event budgets, ensuring cost-effective solutions while maintaining high-quality experiences. We always incorporate transparent pricing, ensuring there's no hidden surprises.






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