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At First Nature Tours, we are more than just a luxury travel company. Our guiding values are exceptional service and refined aesthetics, which we incorporate into every trip we design. We work alongside a passionate team of travel, private charter, and lifestyle experts to create journeys that blend culture and luxury seamlessly.

Our clients enjoy the utmost discretion, ensuring that their travel experiences are designed with their privacy in mind. Our founder, Kieron Wilde, leads a handpicked global collection of the world’s best luxury hotels, private villas, private jets, stunning private islands, and top wellness retreats. Our elite travel concierge team and Private Charter Division complement this collection, guaranteeing VIP travel and service for our clients.

To provide our clients with the finest experience possible, we have established a VIP department with destination experts who curate unique and bespoke adventures that exceed expectations. We focus on delivering the highest level of expertise and customer service in the industry, offering experiences such as chartering a yacht to a secluded bay in the Puget Sound, flying on a private jet, taking a helicopter to an Alaskan hunting lodge, or indulging in an epicurean experience with a world-class chef at a boutique winery. First Nature Tours ensures that clients receive a VIP experience that they will never forget.

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