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First Nature Tour Team Building | Where Work Meets Play

At First Nature, we believe that team building events should be more than just a way to bond with your colleagues. When you choose to take your team outside and connect with the natural world, you’re also connecting with your community and the environment in which you live and work.

We are passionate about the Pacific Northwest and strive to help our guests build lasting bonds with the inspiring natural surroundings. Our team building activities and events are specifically designed to increase motivation, promote cooperation, and enhance workplace morale. By working together to solve problems, coworkers can improve their ability to think rationally and strategically. And sometimes, it’s just as important to blow off some steam and enjoy a fun activity like whitewater rafting or mountain climbing.

If you’re planning an offsite meeting and looking to incorporate some excitement and professional facilitation, we’ve got you covered. Let us know your objectives and we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that meets the needs of your team and your customers. With our help, you can accomplish your goals and create a stronger, more effective team.

Team Building Services- Define your goals

Our corporate team building services aim to foster essential teamwork competencies, such as effective communication, compromise, and collective reasoning. Through a range of tailored exercises, we help reframe success as a group outcome, encouraging individuals to embrace a team mindset even beyond the completion of the activities. Whether you’re organizing a team retreat or undertaking a company-wide restructuring, our experienced curators will collaborate with you to understand the underlying goals of the initiative and work towards achieving them. We recognize that every organization is unique, and therefore, we customize our programs to meet your specific needs.

Outdoor Team Building: 

Experience the thrill of the great outdoors with our adventurous corporate team-building services. Even if your team consists of outdoor enthusiasts, we offer a unique set of experiences that will challenge your group to unite and conquer. Outdoor activities have been found to increase problem-solving skills, improve focus, and boost memory recall, leading to enhanced performance in the workplace.

Our services not only aim to build a strong team but also promote significant health benefits. Research shows that being outdoors can decrease blood pressure, reduce stress levels, lower cortisol, and promote cancer-fighting cells, among other benefits. It’s a much-needed physical and mental reset for your team, helping them to recharge and perform better.

Step out of the office and into the great outdoors with our adventurous team-building services. Experience the rush of adrenaline and build strong bonds within your team while enjoying the many benefits of being in nature.

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