Sip, Savor, and Celebrate Oregon Wine Month in May!

Each May, Oregonians celebrate one of the state’s most cherished treasures: wine! Oregon Wine Month is a time when all local vineyards flourish, and wine enthusiasts from around the globe raise a glass to toast to the diversity and quality of Oregon wine. 

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon boasts a wine scene that’s as diverse as its landscape. While the state is renowned for its Pinot Noir, the Willamette Valley, in particular, stands out as a premier wine destination, drawing oenophiles and adventurers alike to its rolling hills and picturesque vineyards to sip some of the best wine in the world outside of Europe. 

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the magic of Oregon Wine Month, there’s no better way to do so than by embarking on a guided wine tour. At First Nature, we’re passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences that showcase the best of Oregon’s wine country. Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a curious novice, our expertly curated tours offer something for everyone. Led by expert guides with decades of experience in the wine industry, each of our unique wine tours provides exclusive access to boutique wineries and vineyards, where you can meet the winemakers, stroll through the vineyards, and indulge in elevated tastings that capture the essence of Oregon terroir.

Our wine tour offerings extend far beyond the Willamette Valley. With our private wine tours, you can explore the breadth of all of Oregon’s wine regions, from the sun-kissed slopes of the Columbia Gorge to the rugged beauty of Southern Oregon. Whether you’re craving bold Cabernets, crisp Chardonnays, or experimental blends, our custom tours cater to your palate and preferences, ensuring an adventure that’s as unique as you are.

As we raise our glasses to Oregon Wine Month, let’s toast to the spirit of exploration, discovery, and camaraderie that defines the wine community in our incredible state. Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a curious traveler from afar, there’s never been a better time to sip, savor, and celebrate the bounty of Oregonian wine. To learn more about events happening in wine country this month, visit The Oregon Wine Board’s website here. 

So, why wait? Join us this Oregon Wine Month and embark on a journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds, awaken your senses, and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Cheers to the magic of Oregon wine!


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Embark on a day tour of Northwest Washington. Begin your journey with a mesmerizing visit to the iconic Snoqualmie Falls, where cascading waters create a natural wonder that has been a local icon for hundred of years. Then, indulge in delightful wine tasting experiences in Woodinville's renowned wineries and tasting rooms, savoring a variety of stellar vintages amidst the backdrop of a growing culinary destination right in Seattle's back yard.


Over the course of this immersive experience, indulge in the finest wines Washington has to offer as you traverse the picturesque landscapes of Woodinville, Yakima, and Walla Walla. Discover the artistry behind each bottle through intimate vineyard tours, expert-led tastings, and enlightening conversations with winemakers. This tour promises not only exceptional wines but also a deeper appreciation for the intricate craft of winemaking within Washington's diverse terroirs.

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