Elevate Your School's Education with First Nature!

At First Nature, we believe that education extends beyond the classroom walls, and that’s why we offer tailored tours designed for school groups. 

Our elevated educational experiences on the West Coast promise an immersive fusion of adventure, hands-on learning, and environmental consciousness. These meticulously crafted itineraries transform traditional school trips into unforgettable, transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on students.

Exploration and Adventure:

Embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the thrill of Northwest exploration with educational activities. From the rugged coastline to the majestic mountains, our itineraries are carefully planned to showcase the diverse landscapes of the West Coast. Students will have the opportunity to engage in captivating outdoor adventures, fostering a deeper connection with the environment and promoting a sense of stewardship towards our natural world.

Immersive Learning:

Our educational experiences go beyond textbooks and lectures. We dive deep into interactive workshops and hands-on experiences that bring learning to life. Whether it’s exploring tide pools, conducting field research in a forest ecosystem, or participating in cultural exchanges with local communities, students gain a profound understanding of the subjects they study in school.

Environmental Consciousness:

At First Nature, we are committed to promoting environmental consciousness among the next generation. Our itineraries are designed to instill a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment. Students actively participate in conservation initiatives, learning about sustainable practices and regenerative efforts, all while gaining practical skills to make a positive impact on the planet.

Transformative Experiences:

These journeys are more than just school trips; they’re transformative experiences that shape the perspectives and futures of students. As they navigate through the curated itinerary, students develop valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and adaptability. The memories created during these trips become a source of inspiration and motivation for a lifetime.

Cultural Understanding:

Our itineraries also prioritize cultural understanding by incorporating opportunities for students to engage with local communities. Whether it’s through guided tours, cultural workshops, or community service projects, students gain a holistic perspective of the regions they explore. These interactions foster empathy, open-mindedness, and a deeper appreciation for diversity.

Tailored Itineraries:

We understand that every school group is different, which is why we tailor your experience specifically to your group. The values, goals, and culture of your school is taken into consideration when we curate your experience, ensuring we provide students with the best possible experience. 

We are proud to offer elevated educational experiences that transcend traditional school trips. Our meticulously designed itineraries on the West Coast provide students with the perfect blend of adventure, immersive learning, and cultural understanding. Join us on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting impact on students and inspiring a lifelong love for exploration, education, and the world around them.

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Embark on a day tour of Northwest Washington. Begin your journey with a mesmerizing visit to the iconic Snoqualmie Falls, where cascading waters create a natural wonder that has been a local icon for hundred of years. Then, indulge in delightful wine tasting experiences in Woodinville's renowned wineries and tasting rooms, savoring a variety of stellar vintages amidst the backdrop of a growing culinary destination right in Seattle's back yard.


Over the course of this immersive experience, indulge in the finest wines Washington has to offer as you traverse the picturesque landscapes of Woodinville, Yakima, and Walla Walla. Discover the artistry behind each bottle through intimate vineyard tours, expert-led tastings, and enlightening conversations with winemakers. This tour promises not only exceptional wines but also a deeper appreciation for the intricate craft of winemaking within Washington's diverse terroirs.

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